Complications of free fall from great height

I am 41 years old married woman and I am glad to share my wonderful experience of  taking acupuncture treatment from Dr. Madhusudan.  I  had visited an adventure water park on 24th june 2017. It was a fun visiting that place with the family but it almost became a nightmare as I took an adventurous free fall ride from a height of 62 feet. 

Post that ride I had suffered from nausea and a severe headache. I was given medical  treatment  there.  As I carried on with the normal course of daily routine I would feel immense pressure in my right eye with a severe headache. My husband and I went to see a Neurologist after few days of my injury. The Neurologist asked me to go for MRI scan and with that he had put me on allopathic medicines.  There was no relief with the medication and to my utter surprise MRI report was also normal.

My daily routine became erratic and I was disturbed as pain and other discomforts were affecting my daily tasks. I was not able to do any work because of the pain and pressure on my eyes. After witnessing wonderful results of the acupuncture treatment on my mother-in-law and mother, I had discussions with  him and I started my acupuncture treatment. After my first sitting I found relief in pressure of  my eyes. I had been very regular with all my sittings and took the treatment very seriously. I am happy to report that I have taken 15 sittings and  I am perfectly fine now and can move on with the normal course of the day  very smoothly.
I would like to thank Dr. Madhusudan for his magical treatment on me , my mother and mother-in-law as all of  us have seen very good results with this treatment. He is not only a good doctor but a very good human being too which is difficult to find these days. I wish him Good Luck for all his future endeavors and pray for the speedy recovery of all his patients.

Warm Regards,



Dr. Madhusudan Aggarwal
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