I  wants to share my experience of acupuncture treatment given to me  by Dr Madhusudan Aggarwal for my eye problems.

 I am diabetic patient for last 20 years , having problem in my eyes.   My right was  operated for cataract in 2012 & for Glaucoma in 2013 both operations were performed at Dr shroff eye centre East of kailash . Cataract operation was performed by De Nausheer Shroff & Glucomma operation was done by Proff Dass of Shroff  eye Hospital.

 From Feb 2017 I started having problem of moist liquid discharge from my both eyes. I was told I had Glucoma in both eyes ( increased pressure in eye  ).

I was not able to read newspaper with my existing reading lenses & distance vision was also not very clear.
No further  number could not be given in my case.

Then on 23rd May I started acupuncture treatment.

From 3rd day onward I realised that I started reading newspaper with my existing lenses , distance vision started  becoming more & more clear and  also  discharge of moist liquid was reduced substantially.

After 8 acupuncture sittings, my 1st visit at proff.  Dass of shroff eye centre was on 5.6.17 where I came to know that my eye pressure has become normal.

Here are the details of my eye pressure ( intra-ocular pressure)  on different dates at different  clinics.

Before Acupuncture-
On 9/7/16 - 24 (R eye) & 24 (Left eye) at Rana Eye center, Rohini
On 21/7/16 - 26 ( R ) & 26 ( L ) at Dr.Vinod Gupta Rohini
On 15/3/17 – 21 ( R ) & 23 ( L ) at Shroff
On 3/4/17 – 22 ( R ) & 23 ( L ) at Dr Vaish clinic Model Town
On 20/5/17 – 23 ( R ) & 22 ( L ) at save sight clinic

Acupuncture started on 23/5/2017
On 5/6/17 – 12.5 ( R ) & 19 ( L ) at shroff eye centre
On 20/6/17 – 18 ( R ) & 15 ( L ) at Shroff Eye Centre

Now I felt following improvements

My vision has improved substantially which has given me a new life for my having clear reading vision and also distance vision has improved a lot which made driving comfortable with improved distance vision.  Moist liquid also stopped totally . I can confidently say that Acupuncture treatment is more reliable in my case .

Vimal Chadha
114/D10/Sector 7
Rohini Delhi 110085


Dr. Madhusudan Aggarwal
M.B.B.S, D.N.B. (M.D), Dip. Acup. (Beijing)
On Panel : Embassy of U.S.A, France & Germany
Mobile: 9810052953
Clinic : 011-32971358
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