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Childhood Asthma

My son Pranav Aggarwal age 12 yrs. is a known asthmatic child since childhood.

He used to suffer from at least one episode of acute attack during normal weather. During adverse weather conditions, he had to face two attacks on an average. Generally he used to require one week antibiotic drugs and other multiple supportive drugs. It used to be a normal feature for him to consume a long list of drugs every day to maintain his normal respiration.

I took him to Dr.M.S.Aggarwal for acupuncture treatment and till today he has taken 40 sittings over a span of three months.

I can describe his recovery in following way.

During first one month of treatment

  1. Only one attack.
  2. Took medicines for 5 days only.
  3. Intensity of attack was medium, not severe.

During second month of treatment

  1. Only one attack.
  2. Took medicines only for 3 days.
  3. Intensity of attack was mild to medium.

During third month of treatment

  1. No attack.
  2. No medicines taken.

During the last month of treatment, he has maintained perfectly fine with acupuncture and use of salbutamol inhaler once on alternate days.

Bhuvnesh Aggarwal
Rohini, Delhi
Ph.: 9212733702


I am Vinay aggarwal,41 yrs., doing my business of marketing.

I was suffering from

1. Asthma ……….. ………20 yrs.
2. Low backache…………. 1 yr.

I used to get severe attacks during change of season. Most of the time I was on antibiotics & other drugs. I was not able to take risk of going out of Delhi during changing climates because I never knew when I was going to be in trouble.

My backache was very severe. It used to be worst with constant sitting or lying down. It used to be very difficult for me to get out of my car after slightly long drive. My backache used to make me crippled inside my own car. I was afraid of using car also.

Since I was in the business of acupuncture products, I knew about its usefulness. I started going to Dr.M.S.Aggarwal for my both the troubles. I felt wonderful relief in my both the diseases in following manner:

  1. Relief in backache……………………… 80-90%
  2. Relief in breathlessness………………… 80%
  3. Relief in phlegm formation…………….. 70%
  4. Relief in repeated cough……………….. 70%

This relief is sustained even today, i.e. 3 months after I finished my acupuncture treatment course.

Dr. Aggarwal has advised me to take booster course after 6 mths.


Vinay Aggarwal
Ph.: 0091-9350450011


I am retired professor from Lady Shri Ram College,New Delhi and have been suffering from chronic bronchial asthma since 1980. In the year 1990, I had worst attack of asthma which did not get settled even after best available medical treatments. Over the following years, attacks of asthma became a regular feature. Humid and rainy days were worst for me. Even the visit near lake or such water bodies used to make my life miserable. Every year July, Aug. and Sept. used to be worst moths.

During summer of 2008, I took acupuncture treatment from Dr.M.S.Aggarwal for 20 sittings and experienced miraculous effects.

  1. I did not face any attack since then.
  2. For the first time, I have consumed chhole (grams), rajma (kidney beans) and curd with no problem.
  3. Definite reduction of more than 80% in the use of inhaler.
  4. Definite enhancement in immunity.


I found acupuncture to be very useful for chronic asthma


Dr. Kusum Vidya Ratan
I.P.Ext. Delhi.
Ph.: 011-22726268


Dr. Madhusudan Aggarwal
M.B.B.S, D.N.B. (M.D), Dip. Acup. (Beijing)
On Panel : Embassy of U.S.A, France & Germany
Mobile: 9810052953
Clinic : 011-32971358
E-mail : dr_msagg@yahoo.com, doc.madhusudan@gmail.com
Web :www.acupuncturedelhi.com


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