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I am a Senior Resident doctor (Doing MCh in CTVS) from Dr. RML Hospital, Delhi.

I  had severe back pain with radiation to left leg. Pain was so severe that I was not able even sit comfortably. MRI revealed prolapsed intervertebral disc at L2-L3, L3-L4, L4-L5, L5-S1 with bilateral nerve root compression. 

I was taking painkillers round the clock and doing regular Physiotherapy and exercise. But despite all modalities I was  not relieved of pain even after 3 months.  I came to know about Dr. madhusudan  Agrawal from internet . I started acupuncture from him and also continued my earlier physoiotherapy excercises.

Dr MS Agrawal explained me everything in detail about acupuncture and also told me the possible course of pain during treatment. His predictions were very correct and my back pain stablised after 15 sittings. I completed 20 sittings and now I am 90 % relieved of back pain. I am off painkillers since last 2 months and doing well with exercises only. Now I am hopefull of continuing to be in surgical field which I was earlier thinking to quit.


I am a doctor ( Chest specialist ) in Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon.

I  suffered from severe back pain. The pain was so severe that even slight movement in bed was painful. I could not walk even few steps- to the attached toilet in my bedroom without support and help. I was taking up to 4 different pain killers simultaneously in maximum strength at one time.  The MRI showed a large prolapsed intervertebral disc at L5-S1 level, which was pressing upon the nerves.

Spine specialists- both from orthopedics and neurosurgery were contemplating surgery.  Apart from physiotherapy and rest as advised as advised by spine doctors and physiotherapists, I started acupuncture with Dr MS Agrawal from second day of episode.

Dr MS Agrawal was wonderful. He gave me a patient listening, reassured me, and made me feel comfortable. He has a warm radiant smile and easy going personality. I felt confident because he is a trained MD physician in allopathic medicine so understands the medical problem well. I saw his website www.acupuncturedelhi.com and was assured by the academic, professional approach. I liked that he is trained in acupuncture from China. He discussed the acupuncture treatment with me and made me understand it’s benefits and limitations. He advised me that apart from acupuncture, I will need to be scrupulous with exercise and posture correction.  Initially I was apprehensive about needles. Acupuncture needles are different- they are fine gauge, solid needles hence are painless (to me), as compared with wider bore, hollow, hypodermic needles used by we doctors.

I had a fantastic recovery. Within 2-3 sittings I could walk to toilet without support. By 7-10 days, I was off pain killers! Spine doctors said due to excellent clinical recovery surgery is not needed. I slowly increased walking and exercise as advised by spine doctors and physiotherapist. I came back to normal personal and marital life within 3-4 weeks. I continued acupuncture treatment for about 25 sittings. I still continue with exercise and posture precautions and have resumed my profession.

Dr Uday Aditya Gupta

Specialist in Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
Attending Consultant
Medanta The Medicity
Ph.: +91- 9999607165
Email : uday.a.gupta@gmail.com



I am a retired colonel from infantry living in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. I’d been suffering from chronic backache for last 20 years. My wife, who is a child specialist in the same hospital where Dr.M.S.Aggarwal visits, also tried all possible means to get rid of my severe recurring pain. But I couldn’t get any relief. Eventually, Dr. M.S.Aggarwal came into picture. He showed confidence in his acupuncture and surprisingly, I got wonderful and sustained relief in just 20 sittings. Thanks to Dr. Aggarwal for relieving me from this agonising ailment.

Colonel M.S. Krishnan,

Ph: 0124-2309400



I am Sr. Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi and was suffering from acute exacerbation of chronic backache. My severe backache was a major hinderance in my surgical work. I was also unable to play Golf, my favourite game. This was giving me lot of physical as well as mental strain. I had undergone physio therapy at Apollo Hospital but my sufferings still persisted. At last I took acupuncture sittings from Dr.M.S.Aggarwal which helped me a lot. Only after six sittings I could go to golf course for practice again. Though I was confident about results of Acupuncture, yet my confidence increased many folds when I got myself benefited.

Dr. Lokesh Kumar
Deptt. Of Plastic Surgery
Indraprastha Apollo Hospital
New Delhi
Ph.: 98100-68498



Mrs. Raj Rani Shrivastava 70 yrs. old , a housewife and wife of Dr.S.C.Shrivastava, E.N.T.surgeon, was suffering from:

  1. Low backache
  2. Pain shifting to both legs with more distress in left leg
  3. Pain in lowback was present even on standing
  4. Could not walk due to pain
  5. Pain on left side of low back was constant, even on sitting.

40 sittings of acupuncture were given to her in two courses of 20 sittings each, with a gap of 2 mths.

She reported 50% relief in all the symptoms after first 20 sittings. Next 20 sittings increased this relief to another 15% thus totaling 65% in all. The effects were sustained.

Dr. S.C.Shrivastava MBBS; MS

Husband of Mrs.Raj Laxmi

C-8/8723, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi





One day I along with a friend was running in the park. While running fast, I slipped badly and immediately pain started. I went to an Orthopedic surgeon for treatment where I was told to undergo physiotherapy., but I had no relief. After this my surgeon got X-ray & MRI scan done. He advised me to get myself operated because I had "Slip Disc".He told me that operation had no side effect and it will be fine soon.


I got my slip disc operated on 30th April,2002. The operation failed badly and I had to undergo another operation after 3 days. The back pain had gone but due to the effect of operation my left leg became numb. It was very difficult for me to even walk.


Those were very difficult days. I could not use my left leg. I went to my same Orthopedic Surgeon for physiotherapy for 4 mths. But it had little effect. I went to other places too but still my condition was not very good. Then as the days past, due to my sheer determination and will, I started walking on my own and then after few mths. I even started jogging.

AND THEN……………………..

On 26th Jan. 2005, I was playing cricket with my friends and suddenly I had pain on my lower back.I went to another doctor, and then after an MRI I was told that I had Slip Disc.


The doctor who got my MRI done could not help me much. Even after 1 month of exercise, I had no relief in pain.

Then a neighbour told me about Dr.M.S.Aggarwal who is specialist in acupuncture. Till the time I met him, I was quite apprehensive about the treatment but after meeting him for a few minutes, I was convinced and then he started my treatment.

THE RESULT…………………….

Immediately after the first sitting, there was a huge relief. Only a day before meeting him, due to severe pain, I had a black out and I fell down very badly. But after the sitting, the pain had gone as if 20 kgs. of sand pack was removed from my lower back. Now today, after 14 sittings, there is no pain left.

I feel absolutely O.K.

Sunil Sharma
Flat no. 168, Akash Kunj,
Sec.-9, Rohini, Delhi-85
Ph.: 98118-40622



Dr. Madhusudan Aggarwal
M.B.B.S, D.N.B. (M.D), Dip. Acup. (Beijing)
On Panel : Embassy of U.S.A, France & Germany
Mobile: 9810052953
Clinic : 011-32971358
E-mail : dr_msagg@yahoo.com, doc.madhusudan@gmail.com
Web :www.acupuncturedelhi.com


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