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Sunita Kohli

I was suffering from pain in right hand fingers for the last 3 months. Even after Physiotherapy & Exercises, my pain could not be relieved. Allopathic drugs & belt in neck also could not give me relief. During the last one month, I was getting Acupuncture treatment from Dr.Madhusudan Aggarwal at his clinic. My pain has nearly totally vanished. Now I can carry out all the domestic work by myself with no pain.

I sincerely thank him for his wonderful job.

Sunita Kohli

Janak Puri, ND-58





Dr. Madhusudan Aggarwal
M.B.B.S, D.N.B. (M.D), Dip. Acup. (Beijing)
On Panel : Embassy of U.S.A, France & Germany
Mobile: 9810052953
Clinic : 011-32971358
E-mail : dr_msagg@yahoo.com, doc.madhusudan@gmail.com
Web :www.acupuncturedelhi.com


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