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I am owner of a software company with many software professionals in my company and lot of mental over burden. Slowly I started noticing that I was suffering from awkward symptoms. I could not understand what was going on. I took allopathic drugs but could not get relief. Dr.M.S.Aggarwal diagnosed me mild Depression and started Acupuncture along with allopathic drugs under care of another specialist. After 20 sittings, I started getting positive response and after 30 sittings, I stated tapering my drugs off. I took no drug by the end of 40 sittings and by now I was feeling normal. I took 20 more sittings thus totaling 60 sittings and enjoying my normal mental health.

Acupuncture has brought me back to normal in very natural way without any side effects. Thanks to Dr. M.S. Aggarwal for letting me regain my health.

Nirmal Jain,
Ph: 9811048430




I am owner of a motor workshop. I was alright 5 mths. Back when I started feeling following symptoms:

1) Feeling of gas formation in abdomen with heaviness and pricking sensation in chest on both sides more on left.

2) This ailment was more after 2 hours of meals, particularly dinner.

3) Feeling of uneasiness, ghabrahat and slightly elevated blood pressure

4) No sleep upto 1A.M. and compulsion of using sleeping pills.

I visited many allopathic doctors who got me checked up for heart diseases and stomach diseases. Various tests were done but they did not find anything concrete. Later I was declared a patient of mental stress.

At last I decided to take acupuncture treatment.

Amazingly I have taken just 4 sittings of acupuncture from Dr.M.S.Aggarwal and have found revolutionary changes.

Now I am

  1. Not using any drug.
  2. Not feeling any gas formation.
  3. Getting sound sleep without any pill.
  4. Not feeling any pain/pricking sensation in chest. I feel only slight heaviness on left side just once or twice in a day for negligible period.

I will take full course of 20 sittings as advised by Dr.M.S.Aggarwal for complete cure.



J-Block market
Ashok Vihar
Delhi, India
Ph.: 98912-86682




Dr. Madhusudan Aggarwal
M.B.B.S, D.N.B. (M.D), Dip. Acup. (Beijing)
On Panel : Embassy of U.S.A, France & Germany
Mobile: 9810052953
Clinic : 011-32971358
E-mail : dr_msagg@yahoo.com, doc.madhusudan@gmail.com
Web :www.acupuncturedelhi.com


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