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I am a patient of many diseases for the last many years. These diseases had been troubling me so much that I was compelled to most of the systems of medicine to get rid of my ailments. Despite allopathic modalities which is my own field, I used Ayurveda, Homeopathy , Yoga, Naturopathy and what not. At last I came to Dr.M.S.Aggarwal for Acupuncture. He has given me 24 sittings in first course during the period from Oct.2003 to Dec.2003. I got response in following manner:

  1. Bronchial Asthma-------- I had it for the last 35 yrs. Since Oct. 2003 till now i.e. April 2004, I have felt relief to the tune of 90%.
  2. B/L knee joints pain--------- I had this for the last 1 year. Now I feel relief upto 65% in this problem after 12 sittings of first course. The effect is still maintained even after gap of 4 mths.
  3. Blocked nose---------- I used to get recurring cold, running nose and blocked nose for the last 30 yrs. After first course, I felt relief upto 60% which is sustained till date.
  4. Running nose----------- As I mentioned above, I was suffering for last 30 yrs. Now after 24 sittings and a gap of 4 mths., I feel relief up to 40% in this trouble. Change of temp. like entering into air conditioned room or coming out of it still triggers running of nose.
  5. Recurrent respiratory infections ----------------- After Acupuncture course I have appreciably got around 50% relief in repeated infections of respiratory tract. My body has drastically reduced the need of antibiotics since Oct.2003.
  6. Blocked ears--------------- Due to chronic catarrh, I had developed this highly troubling symptom during the last 6 mths. It was a constant phenomenon with blocking persistent round the clock. I was quite restless to get my ears opened by any means since this was affecting my profession too as I could not feel at ease with my patients who are small children. Acupuncture opened my ears during the second phase of my first course. But during gap period of 4 mths. I got it again. Now as soon I started my second course, surprisingly, ears have reopened. I am so happy about it and hope that in due course of time my problem will be cured.
  7. Hyperacidity------------- I had this trouble for the last 10 yrs. and was on H2 blockers intermittently but now continuously for the last so many mths. I could not gather courage to withdraw the anti acidity drugs during first course given earlier. But now I have stopped these drugs for the last 10 days and till now I am perfectly normal with no hyperacidity.
  8. Frontal headache-------------- I had this trouble for the last 1 year. This responded the least with Acupuncture till date. I got 20% relief in this.

Dr.Sunil Jain


Consultant Paediatrician

Ph.: 98110-77394




I had pain in my neck. Sometimes this was accompanied by severe headache. The pain used to get worse in cold climate. Neck also used to get stiff. I have taken treatment of Acupuncture from Dr.Madhusudan Aggarwal. With this treatment, my neck is much better. There is no stiffness and almost no pain. For this it took 20 sittings. Also in my profession of merchant navy, when I have to go on tour, there is medical check up. It was found thet my high blood pressure has improved. There is definite general improvement of health as well.

I have also taken acupuncture for backacke. After 20 sittings, there is considerable improvement.

I would also like to state that after each sitting, one feels quite relaxed and gets much better sleep.


Parambir Singh
Chief Engineer
Merchant Navy
Ph.: 98109-57578



Shashi Baijal

My wife Smt. Shashi Baijal 58 yrs. Was suffering from many chronic health problems for the last 20 years. We consulted Dr.Madhusudan aggarwal at Apollo Cliniq Vasant Kunj, Delhi-70, for ACUPUNCTURE.

Brief description of improvement is :

Problem Improvement as on 21st June, 2005


  • Backache 60%
  • Anal Fissures 40%
  • Constipation 70%
  • Hyperacidity 60%
  • Pain in Legs 50%
  • Pain in Shoulder 60%
  • Loss of Sleep sound sleep
  • Chest Pain 50%

We are very much thankful to Dr.M.S.Aggarwal for his keen interest and sincere efforts. ACUPUNCTURE THERAPY is really very helpful and we got unexpected results.




I, Shiv Charan aggarwal, resident of D-129, Antriksh Apartment, Sec.-9,Rohini, was suffering from following complaints:

  1. Knee joints pain
  2. Stiffness of calf muscles
  3. Anxiety
  4. Pain in elbow joibts.

I consulted Dr.Madhusudan Aggarwal and took 20 sittings of acupuncture. My improvement was as follows:

  1. Knee joint pain is relieved by 95%
  2. Stiffness of calf muscles is relieved by 95%
  3. I still feel anxiety but occasionally.
  4. Pain in elbow joints is relieved by 50%

I shall take his advice whenever I feel any problem in future. I am thankful for his help in the time of extreme suffering.



Shiv Charan Aggarwal


Dr. Madhusudan Aggarwal
M.B.B.S, D.N.B. (M.D), Dip. Acup. (Beijing)
On Panel : Embassy of U.S.A, France & Germany
Mobile: 9810052953
Clinic : 011-32971358
E-mail : dr_msagg@yahoo.com, doc.madhusudan@gmail.com
Web :www.acupuncturedelhi.com


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