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Following a car accident, in which one of my cervical vertebrae was fractured, three discs slipped, and ligaments on my right side torn I was confined to bed rest for six weeks and immobilised in a spinal brace. After this period I was still experiencing lack of movement and pain with constant pins and needles extending down into my right hand. After several treatments with Dr Aggarwal my symptoms lessened, and following the course of treatment I can honestly say that I have no residual discomfort and have regained former strength in the affected areas and have an active and happy life. I am very glad I turned to Dr Aggarwal and his acupuncture needles rather than undergoing the surgeon’s scalpel for spinal fusion, which I was told I would need or become a quadriplegic. – Anoushka (UK)



Dr. Madhusudan Aggarwal
M.B.B.S, D.N.B. (M.D), Dip. Acup. (Beijing)
On Panel : Embassy of U.S.A, France & Germany
Mobile: 9810052953
Clinic : +91 8383050643
E-mail : 1947.madhu@gmail.com


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